How We Work

At SFN Build we help your vision become reality, while ensuring attention to every detail from commencement to completion. Giving your project the attention it deserves begins at the tendering stage.
Our approach is tried and tested, providing you with clarity and confidence.

Understanding the Job
We ensure a full understanding of your job – the details and the challenges – before we commence tendering. Our Engagement Team, consisting of our Business Development Manager/Director Frank Sciacca and Project Estimator will work with you to understand your project in delivering to you a comprehensive tender for consideration.

Fair Costing
Our Estimator will provide you with an accurate costing for your project based on the information provided and our thorough understanding of the materials and labour involved.

Tender Process (4-6 weeks):

• SFN request drawings and associated specs
• Review plans and arrange site inspection with architect/owner/developer
• Commence tendering while maintaining client contact to enable the most accurate tender possible
• Delivery of detailed tender offer
• Follow up and discuss tender offer
• Prepare contract for work to commence

Managing Your Job
We assign a qualified Working Foreman to every job along with a team of SFN Build tradesmen. We call them the “Project Team”. Each Project Team is dedicated to a single project for the entire duration of the project.

The Project Team is overseen by our Project Manager, who in turn reports to Construction Manager/Director – Nando Sciacca. Your Project Manager, along with the team, take responsibility for the job running on time and on budget, and meeting our quality standards. Together they coordinate SFN Builds staff and sub-contractors, liaise with you the client or your representative, and manage any variations.

The Kick-Off Meeting
Once the Project Team is engaged and project contract documents have been finalized we huddle up and discuss your project in detail translating all the information available to the Engagement Team from the first discussion all the way through the tender process for the Project Team to have the best possible start to your project.

Job Schedule
For each project SFN Build creates a detailed Program of Work. This is used by the Project Manager and Working Foreman to schedule activities and monitor progress.

Subcontractor Selection
SFN Build has a panel of trusted subcontractors that we have built relationships with since 2001. Each of these have been selected for their quality of workmanship, value and reliability.

SFN pride themselves in their transparency and client communication. We will always bring items to you like unforeseen issues, works that are outside the initial scope, and consult with you on how you would like things resolved.

Quality and Reliability
We stand by the quality of our work, materials, staff and subcontractors. We construct according to all standards, regulations and approvals – and also aim to keep the neighbours happy.

We regularly review our projects and share best practice across our job sites. Our reliable team of staff and subcontractors strive to deliver to surpass expectations every time.

Workplace Health and Safety
SFN Build takes site safety very seriously and has strict policies in place to ensure that staff, sub-contractors and visitors are kept safe.